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    Meet Our Physicians

      • Gregory-Munson3x4.jpg
        Gregory O. Munson, M.D.

        Dr. Munson has specialized in spine surgery for 25 years. Even though 90 percent of his patients never need surgery, he says people living with spinal pain are often afraid to see a doctor. He's here to dispel myths and fears.

      • John-Papa3x4.jpg
        John A. Papa, M.D.

        Foot and ankle specialist Dr. John Papa takes a patient's entire lifestyle into consideration when choosing a treatment plan. He finds out what makes them happy and what's keeping them from that level of happiness.

      • Reginald Tall
        Reginald L. Tall, M.D.

        Dr. Tall specializes in Surgery of the Spine. "Even though, by definition, I'm a surgeon, I'm much happier when I can get people better and restore function without surgery."

      • Janet-Robison3x4.jpg
        Janet M. Robison, M.D.

        Dr. Robison specializes in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the knee and loves to make the pain go away. "People live with amazing deformities and pain because they think they have to and they don't!"

      • Brian-Barnard3x4.jpg
        Brian K. Barnard, M.D.

        Dr. Barnard has always loved a challenge, which is one of the reasons he chose to focus on one of the most complex parts of the human body -- the hand.

      • Sean-McFadden3x4.jpg
        Sean McFadden, D.O.

        As a triathlete, Dr. McFadden knows how important sports and athletics are to his patients. When he sees a sports medicine patient he knows they have one goal in mind: getting back in the game as quickly as possible.

      • Mark-Beckner3x4.jpg
        Mark A. Beckner, M.D.

        Dr. Beckner specializes in spine surgery. He first visited Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic in high school as a patient. He remembered the experience years later and knew it was the type of group he'd like to work with.

      • John-Chase3x4.jpg
        John R. Chase, M.D.

        With a lifelong passion for sports, Dr. Chase chose to pursue spots medicine, and today, he specializes in knee and ankle surgery. He says one of his most important jobs is explaining things to his patients.

      • Joseph-Billings3x4.jpg
        Joseph B. Billings, D.O.

        Dr. Billings discovered his passion for sports medicine as a member of the Temple University basketball team. Now he treats everyone from professional athletes to weekend runners. He says they all have one thing in common.

      • Wadih Macksoud, M.D.
        Wadih S. Macksoud, M.D.

        Dr. Macksoud specializes in hand surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery.

      Welcome to Our Community!

        • Overcoming Physical Limitations

           Sore knees. Bad back. Aches and pains. 

          We call those physical limitations but they're much more than that; they limit our ability to live a vibrant life.

          If you're committed to a healthy lifestyle and quality medical care, like you'll find at Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic, you can look forward to a future like this. See how these people didn't let physical limitations limit their life.

        Learn More About the Jewett Community

          • Krumins surgery1x1.jpg
            Inside the OR for a Meniscus Repair Surgery

            Step inside the operating with Dr. Kenneth Krumins for a meniscus repair surgery. It's one of the most common knee injuries, but diagnosing it can be tricky. See how Dr. Krumins diagnoses, treats and helps patients rehab from this procedure.

            • Sandy-Scott-blur1x1.jpg
              Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries

              Sports can be a lifelong process of growth and excitement, but injuries are common to all sports, which can take a person right out of the game. Get our tips for minimizing the chances of an accident and learn how to stay healthy and active for life.

            • Jewett-St. Cloud1x1.jpg
              Jewett Ortho: Now Seeing Patients in St. Cloud

              For more than 75 years, Central Florida families have had their breaks, sprains and strains treated by the Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic. With our new walk-in clinic in St. Cloud, see how now it's more convenient than ever to go where the pros go.

              • Tiffany-Wasson1x1.jpg
                Physical Therapy Minute: Stretching 101

                Stretching is an important part of any workout or rehabilitation program. Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic physical therapist Tiffany Wasson, DPT, explains the different kinds of stretches you should be doing and the best times to do them.

                • Mary Lynn Brown1x1.jpg
                  OrthoNet Minute: Tips for Weekend Warrior

                  Admit it -- you may be just a little bit past your athletic prime. Orthopaedic surgeon Mary Lynn Brown, M.D., offers tips for helping you to refocus your fitness identity.

                  • JOC-UCF1x1.jpg
                    Taking Care of Athletes Is Our Business

                    Jewett is honored to serve as the team physicians for a host of professional, collegiate and high school teams. See how we've been taking care of highly trained athletes and weekend warriors like you for more than 75 years.

                    • Kevin-Lang-waterski16x9.jpg
                      Patient Stories: Kevin Lang

                      Kevin Lang is a 52-year-old adventure-loving deputy sheriff, but a 30-year-old knee injury threatened to sideline him once and for all -- until he came to Jewett. Less than two months later, he's back on the hiking trails. Find out how.

                      • Cuduto's.jpg
                        Patient Stories: Father and Son

                        Angelo and Brian Coduto are active athletes and when they both suddenly found themselves with serious knee injuries, the father and son knew there was only one place they wanted to seek treatment: Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic.

                        • Ken Mitchell on Mt. Everet.jpg
                          Patient Stories: Ken Mitchell

                          Ken Mitchell is a former NFL player and a family man who's always been very active. He's the kind of guy who likes to climb mountains. But his knees began to let him down.

                          • Tiffany-Wasson1x1.jpg
                            Physical Therapy Minute: Prevent Lower Back Pain

                            Did you know lower back pain is one of leading causes of physical limitations? The good news is there are some easy ways to kep it from happening to you.

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