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    • Greg-Crawford16x9.jpg
      Cycling for a Cure

      Ask Greg Crawford what he did on summer vacation and you'll get a terrific story about a guy who knew he couldn't help find a cure for a rare children's disease in the lab so he created a way he could help -- by putting in 8 hours a day on a bike.

    • Harris-Rosen16x9.jpg
      Harris Rosen's Prescription for America

      He's one of the nation's top tourism executives but his true legacy is how he's changing -- and saving -- the lives of thousands. Find out why he thinks his revolutionary healthcare and education programs can be done anywhere.

    • Diann-Uustal16x9.jpg
      Swimming Rehabs Her Body and Spirit

      Every time Diann Uustal gets into the pool, she's proving her doctors wrong. Two devastating accidents several years apart left her with crippling injuries. Today, the 67-year-old is smashing world records and spreading a message of hope.

    • Beverly Hyman Fead16x9
      Living With Cancer: Beverlye Hyman Fead

      With a lengthy family history of cancer, this artist and activist vowed she'd do everything she could to stay healthy. But the disease caught up to her and now Beverlye Hyman Fead is making a difference.

    • Underwater-hockey16x9.jpg
      Underwater What?

      It's incredibly fun to play and amazingly boring to watch UNLESS you watch from underwater. Come along as the grandmaster of strange introduces us to the unusual sport of underwater hockey

    • Madonna-Buder16x9.jpg
      Iron Nun on the Run

      She's the oldest person ever to finish the Ironman Triathlon but Sister Madonna Buder says it's not about setting records. See what keeps her running and hear her reflections on being just a mile away from the Boston Marathon bombings.

    • Hunter-Kemper-walk16x9.jpg
      Hunter Kemper's Message from the Heart

      Four-time Olympic triathlete Hunter Kemper recently took a break from his training in Colorado to return to his hometown -- to take a walk. He reveals the health scare that inspired his father to drastically change his life and what you can learn.

    • Adela-Choquet16x9.jpg
      She's 96 and Still Teaching Yoga

      Adela Choquet is 96 years old and STILL teaching yoga several times a week. We first met her five years ago, and wait until you see how fit and fabulous she is. Her goal is to keep teaching until at least 100, and somehow, we think she can do it!

    • Joe-Johnston16x9sky.jpg
      Overcoming Physical Limitations

      Sore knees. Bad back. Aches and pains. We call those physical limitations but they're much more than that; they limit our ability to live a vibrant life. See how others have overcome these issues to live a life of no limits.

    • Krumins-surgery16x9.jpg
      Inside the OR for a Meniscus Repair Surgery

      Step inside the operating with Dr. Kenneth Krumins for a meniscus repair surgery. It's one of the most common knee injuries, but diagnosing it can be tricky. See how Dr. Krumins diagnoses, treats and helps patients rehab from this procedure.

    Viewing 1-10 of 43
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