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    • Harris-Rosen16x9.jpg
      Harris Rosen's Prescription for America

      He's one of the nation's top tourism executives but his true legacy is how he's changing -- and saving -- the lives of thousands. Find out why he thinks his revolutionary healthcare and education programs can be done anywhere.

    • Diann-Uustal16x9.jpg
      Swimming Rehabs Her Body and Spirit

      Every time Diann Uustal gets into the pool, she's proving her doctors wrong. Two devastating accidents several years apart left her with crippling injuries. Today, the 67-year-old is smashing world records and spreading a message of hope.

    • Madonna-Buder16x9.jpg
      Iron Nun on the Run

      She's the oldest person ever to finish the Ironman Triathlon but Sister Madonna Buder says it's not about setting records. See what keeps her running and hear her reflections on being just a mile away from the Boston Marathon bombings.

    • Hunter-Kemper-walk16x9.jpg
      Hunter Kemper's Message from the Heart

      Four-time Olympic triathlete Hunter Kemper recently took a break from his training in Colorado to return to his hometown -- to take a walk. He reveals the health scare that inspired his father to drastically change his life and what you can learn.

    • Mary Lynn Brown s3 16x9.jpg
      OrthoNet Minute: Tips for Wearing High Heels

      No matter how great they may make your legs look, high heels are a prescription for problems. If you must wear high heels, orthopaedic surgeon Mary Lynn Brown, M.D., wants you to take a few precautions.

    • Pat-Williams-weights16x9.jpg
      Executive Challenge: Pat Williams' Extreme Dream

      He's one of the most influential people in NBA history, a prolific marathoner, the author of nearly 80 books, a motivational speaker and at age 72, he has an extreme dream. Pat Williams not only wants to beat cancer he wants to help find the cure.

    • Goby2-16x9.jpg
      Goby the Wonder Dog

      Meet Goby, who puts the can in canine. In a pool filled with highly trained athletes, Goby might be the best trained of all. See how Goby is ready to detect danger, dial an IPhone and jump into the pool to save the life of his master. Seriously.

    • Mike-Ives16x9.jpg
      Building a New Body

      At the age of 16, both of Michael Ives' arms were crushed in a workplace accident. He narrowly escaped losing both arms but still faced a future of pain and lost opportunities. Against his doctors' advice, he found a new life in the gym.

    • Swat-Boat-huddle16x9.jpg
      Building Bridges

      Ten kids. Ten cops. One unlikely team. See what happens when at-risk teens and SWAT team members have to work side-by-side in one of Dragon Boat racing's biggest events.

    • Stephen-Jepson16x9.jpg
      Never Leave the Playground

      Stephen Jepson believes the key to never losing your balance -- or your mind -- is in the games and activities of our youth. Wait until you see his incredible playground.

    Viewing 1-10 of 11
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